The lotus leaf always looks clean and dry

facade paint with lotus effect

This is due to its self cleaning properties. Rain droplets clean this plant due to its water repellent microstructure. We have combined all our knowledge with the latest technology to achieve the same effect with proPERLA® Facade Coating. Facades treated with proPERLA® are self-cleaning like a lotus leaf. Also in this case this is due to its […]

Snow and frost can cause considerable damage in the winter on a house facade


If water has access to the house interior through small cracks in the wall, inside temperature falls and ideal conditions for long-term moisture problems and a deterioration in the quality of living in your property are given. At a temperature of about 4° Celsius, water begins to expand slightly, until it freezes. Frozen water expands its size […]

Damp walls are thermal bridges and are ineffective in terms of thermal conductivity

9 exterior wall coating before

Old facades and masonry are not only unsightly, moisture and mould can penetrate into the interior and can cause property owners and pets considerable health damage. A facade cleaning can be done in different ways. On the one hand, many different cleaning agents exist. On the other hand, a large variety of machines such as […]

Benefits of Waterproof Paint

waterproof masonry paint

When we see videos of waterproof paint, it looks too good to be true, to the point where it seems like magic. How can paint repel liquids? The reality is that waterproof paint does exist, and the good news is that any homeowner can use it to waterproof their homes today. Waterproof paint is an […]

Painting vs Coating: Are They Two Sides of The Same Coin?

painter-paints-concrete-wall-with-white-paint-male-hand-with-paint-roller-for-painting-wall (1) (1)

Duality is interweaved in the fabric of life in which we have always been entwined. In the same principle, verbs like ‘painting’ and ‘coating’ are often interchangeably used. It is unlikely they’ll make you wide-eyed unless you ruthlessly critique, gleaning meanings from stray smudges.  Generally speaking, coating gets a substrate covered with an applicant while […]