Benefits of Waterproof Paint

Image by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash When we see videos of waterproof paint, it looks too good to be true, to the point where it seems like magic. How can paint repel liquids? The reality is that waterproof paint does exist, and the good news is that any homeowner can use it to waterproof their […]

Painting vs Coating: Are They Two Sides of The Same Coin?

painter-paints-concrete-wall-with-white-paint-male-hand-with-paint-roller-for-painting-wall (1) (1)

Duality is interweaved in the fabric of life in which we have always been entwined. In the same principle, verbs like ‘painting’ and ‘coating’ are often interchangeably used. It is unlikely they’ll make you wide-eyed unless you ruthlessly critique, gleaning meanings from stray smudges.  Generally speaking, coating gets a substrate covered with an applicant while […]

Redesign the facade: Use plaster or facade cladding?

redesign old facade

If the old facade starts to crumble or if the outer wall of the newly purchased house is to be renovated, then homeowners have a choice: plaster and paint or rather a facade cladding? Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. In the following we have compiled information and details about facade plaster and cladding […]

Facade insulation – Mineral insulation materials at a glance

facade insulation material

There are various options for facade insulation as well as insulation under the roof, in and on interior walls, floors, the basement and more. Thermal insulation aims to prevent cold and heat from the outside from penetrating and thermal energy from the inside from escaping too quickly. Natural solutions for this are mineral insulation materials. […]

Facade protection – Protection against water, dirt, algae and mould for facades

facade protection

Facade protection is important to ensure that the house wall does not get wet, is permanently damp and thus provides a habitat for algae, lichen or mould. In addition, protection is very important for facades to remain energy efficient. This is because wet walls or damp masonry uses heat from the house to evaporate the […]

Facade art: The creative house wall as a trend

facade art paint-min

Facade art is the key word when it comes to the creative design of the house wall. There are numerous examples, ranging from a less frequently chosen colour (yellow, green) to the use of graffiti and elaborate facade pictures that show a great deal of artistic talent. The subject of creative facade design also plays […]