proPERLA® Paving impregnator

Paving impregnator for a long-lasting protection of your paving stones.

proPERLA ® Paving Impregnator is a water based solution, designed with the latest nanotechnology. It can be used on all mineral surfaces, such as concrete slabs, paving stones, terraces and many more. proPERLA® Paving Impregnator has a special chemical composition that reacts with minerals and bonds to mineral building materials like concrete, clay, etc. It protects surfaces against rain, dirt, green growth, pollution, oil and many more. proPERLA® Paving Impregnator is recommended for the treatment of concrete, clay, terracotta, etc.

Super hydrophobic

You will recognise the excellent water repellent properties by its beading behavior. It will make the masonry dry and extremely resistant to biological hazards, mould, mildew,etc. A dry masonry will improve the thermal resistance, prevent frost damage and reduce the growth of microbial spores.

Self cleaning effect

Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the proPERLA® coated paving and will simply flow off with rainfall. The floor remains clean and attractive, even on sides which are particularly exposed to the weather like on the north-facing side or pavements in shade, as well as in areas with high air humidity or sea salt penetrated air.

Combines deep cleansing with long-lasting protection.

The exterior areas of the property are often visible to the public, so their care and cleanliness is essential to give a good image. A combination of deep cleaning and protection with paving impregnator will keep your exterior areas looking as good as new for a long time.

Paving Impregnator

For an efficient protection of paving stones.

properla paving impregnator
how to clean green mould from paving block patio

Before and after using proPERLA® Paving Impregnator

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How does paving impregnator works

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Based on the latest nanotechnology.
Scientifically tested for the protection of mineral surfaces.
Minimizes the adhesion of stains.
Offers a self cleaning surface.
Extremely water-repellent.
Does not discolor.
Reduces the growth of microorganisms.
Slow ageing or breakdown of the surface.

Find an approved applicator

All approved applicators have undertaken specialised training by ProPERLA in order to fully understand the highly technical properties of the exterior coatings and the correct procedures for pre-application and application.

By choosing an approved applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

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FAQ: Paving Impregnator

Yes, but be careful to use PH-neutral cleaning chemicals, as they may affect the product.

Approx. 1 hour (20°C and 60% RH).

The product is water-based, does not contain solvents, so it does not give off strong odours and is not dangerous to handle.

The appearance of the product after application is wet effect. Once dry, it is transparent.

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