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Discover the many advantages of belonging to the network of official proPERLA® applicators.

Get to know us, what is proPERLA®?

proPERLA® is a registered trademark for paints and waterproofing products for the improvement and care of property, both in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics.

All proPERLA® products have been designed with quality and sustainability in mind, both for the professional who works with them and for the end customer.

proPERLA® products have been manufactured in Germany for more than 25 years and have a strong presence in markets such as the United Kingdom, Denmark and France.


We believe that water repellent paints and products will become the benchmark for the construction industry in the future.

We are proud to develop in this direction by introducing a new generation of exterior cladWe are proud to develop in this direction by introducing a new generation of exterior coating products.ding products.

Currently, there is a high demand in the construction and refurbishment sector; and there are not enough qualified professionals to meet this demand.

This results in under-qualified companies and professionals offering services without knowledge and using products without previous experience. This results in a bad image for the whole sector and for the professionals who do offer a quality, professional service and who seek to improve day by day.

In proPERLA® we believe that the standard must be raised, both in the professionalisation of the sector and in the quality of the products used.

That’s why we want you to become part of our network of applicators and

proPERLA® product line

Advantages of being an official applicator of proPERLA®

Our aim is to maintain a stable and long-lasting relationship with our applicators, to improve as a team and to face all the changes in the market.

What do we offer our proPERLA applicators?

Interested leads from your area of work.

Personalised marketing material.

References of your projects on our website.

Promoting your business on social networks.

Post/pre-sales technical support.

Access to the 10-20 year warranty programme.

Requirements to be a properla applicator Who can be a proPERLA applicator?

What do we ask companies to be proPERLA applicators?

  1. Companies and self-employed professionals in the sector with demonstrable experience.
  2. Attend one of our training courses for applicators.
  3. Due to the great demand of non-Spanish customers, we ask all applicators to be able to attend the requests in English.
  4. Perform proPERLA® work on a regular basis.
  5. Proactivity and commitment with the contacts we send you.

Why take the training course?

The aim of the course is that you get to know in depth the technology on which ProPERLA® is based and the optimal conditions in which these products must be installed to guarantee maximum performance.

Request more information.

Upon request, a proPERLA® representative will contact you with further information and details about the procedure.

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