proPERLA® DPC Injection cream

Injection treatment against rising damp for walls

proPERLA® DPC is a transparent treatment for porous surfaces, which is applied in homes with rising damp problems.

It slows down the aesthetic deterioration of the facade

By stopping water penetrating into the wall, proPERLA® DPC improves the look and feeling of your home.

Product certified in specialized laboratories

proPERLA® DPC has been developed with the latest nanotechnology and has successfully passed several tests, meeting the WTA (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Arbeitsgemeinschaft) and the CSTC (CENTER SCIENTIFIQUE ET TECHNIQUE DE LA CONSTRUCTION) requirements. It has been classified as a treatment with excellent performance for masonry works, reducing water absorption by more than 95%.

What is rising damp?

It’s when moisture is absorbed from the foundations up into the walls of a building.

The humidity from the ground rise little by little, getting into the pores of the materials that make up the walls, causing serious deterioration.

Rising damp can cause disintegration of plaster, paint and wallpaper. If you don’t protect your home against moisture, it can become harmful to your health, being uninhabitable or simply difficult to sell.

Damp walls reduce the building's ability to retain heat

Moisture in construction materials significantly impacts thermal efficiency in homes. The lower the moisture content in the walls, the greater the preservation of heat. A single application can form an invisible shield against humidity, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate. Notably, just 5% moisture in a wall can decrease its thermal insulation effectiveness by up to 50%.

proPERLA® Damp Proof Course

The ultimate protection against rising damp

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Steps to use proPERLA® DPC

Properla Dpc Drilling Hole Ok

Perforation in the wall affected by moisture

Carrying out a study to determine where the humidity is coming from and where to drill to fix the problem.

Properla Dpc Damp Injection Ok

proPERLA® DPC Injection

The product creates a vertical barrier that prevents moisture rising up into the wall from the foundation.

Properla Dpc After Ok

The treated wall is rehabilitated

The entire area affected by humidity is rehabilitated using proPERLA® Facade Coating, a water-repellent, self-cleaning and superhydrophobic paint.


Before and after using proPERLA® DPC


How does DPC technology works

We have prepared a page so that you can understand how the rising damp treatment works and contact a local professional.

Play Video about En Properla® dpc Rising Damp Treatment
Easy to apply (one application is enough).
Extremely moisture resistant.
Applicable on facades composed by mineral materials.
Improves thermal efficiency.
Delays surface degradation.
Its performance has been certified by independent laboratories.
Prevents the appearance of mould and lichens.
It has a useful lifespan of 20 years.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Jean-Paul Beckers
Jean-Paul Beckers
Customers from TEAMSCOMUR - Approved proPERLA® applicator in Spain
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Hi, Steve and his team Michel, Kris and Denny have done an excellent job here. We are very happy with the result. Very good workmanship. Definitely recommended for solving moisture problems in the house.
Ruth Whittaker
Ruth Whittaker
Customers from TEAMSCOMUR - Approved proPERLA® applicator in Spain
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Steve and his team did a fantastic job sorting out the damp issues in the basement of our rental property. They always arrived promptly at the agreed time, worked hard and cleaned up after themselves. Lovely professional job
Gemma Bourke
Gemma Bourke
Customers from TEAMSCOMUR - Approved proPERLA® applicator in Spain
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Steve and his team have done an amazing job on our property, helping us decide on the scope of the project and managing all the work while we were in the UK. Working with Steve has been a pleasure and for every issue found he always had a solution and kept the project moving. Would recommend Steve if you are thinking of renovating your place in the sun. Special thanks to Phil and Mitch, great part of the team.

Find an approved applicator

The entire network of official proPERLA® applicators have received specialized training to understand and explain to their clients the properties and benefits of our products, as well as the correct method to prepare the surface and apply the products.

If you choose an authorized applicator by proPERLA®, the product will have optimal performance and will comply with its useful lifespan and warranty.

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FAQ: DPC Injection Technology

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Under normal circumstances, the product is applied when the property already has serious humidity problems.

This means that the wall will still be visibly affected. What we recommend is to rehabilitate the entire affected area and, for this, that you hire one of our official applicators.

These should be 10 cm height from the ground and about 11-12 cm between each hole. The product must be applied in non-hollow areas, generally in the mortar joint between bricks.

It doesn’t matter if the house is old or new. Humidity affects both equally. The product works equally well on both.

It will only work in those that are composed by mineral construction materials.

In the event that the product has been applied incorrectly, it probably will have to be applied again. However, if done right, the product has a shelf life of 20 years. Therefore, we recommend hiring professionals.

The first thing to do is to study where the humidity is coming from and its scope, before starting to drill into the wall.

Once we know the origin of the humidity, small horizontal perforations are made in the wall and the product is injected through them.

The cream expands and hardens, creating a horizontal barrier that prevents moisture from rising.

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