proPERLA® DPC (Damp Proof Course) stops the disintegration of plaster and paint, the dissolving of wallpaper or the deterioration of the interior paints due to salt efflorescence.

The treated surface can be re-plastered . After a curing period of 7 days, the damp proof course will have its full performance. The water absorption is reduced by more than 95%.proPERLA® DPC successfully passed various analyzes and fulfills the requirements of WTA and CSTC. It has been classified as a treatment with an excellent performance for masonry works.

Damp walls cause growth of mold

A wet core insulation loses its effective insulating properties and is no longer able to keep walls dry. This can cause considerable risks to human health and pets.


The treated surface remains breathable. Moisture and air pass easily through the walls from inside to the outside. This results in a significant improvement of its insulating properties. 

Damp walls reduce the building's capacity to retain heat.

A damp wall is not able to stay dry and loses its insulating properties. Just 5% moisture in a wall reduces the thermal resistance by up to 50%.

Damp Proof Course

The ultimate protection against rising damp

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Damp proofing injection technology

Properla Dpc Drilling Hole Ok

Drill the wall affected by moisture

A study is made to see where moisture comes from and where to drill.
Properla Dpc Damp Injection Ok

The horizontal barrier is injected

This creates a vertical barrier that prevents the passage of water. Our proPERLA® product is widely known in Europe and is manufactured in Germany.

Properla Dpc After Ok

The treated wall is rehabilitated

The entire affected area will be rehabilitated using proPERLA® a water-repellent paint to further prevent any associated problem.


Before and after using proPERLA® DPC


How does DPC technology works

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Will allow the building to breathe.
Improves thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry.
Maintains thermal properties of cavity wall insulation.
Reduces heat loss.


Verified reviews by TrustPilot
Jean-Paul Beckers
Jean-Paul Beckers
Customers from TEAMSCOMUR - Approved proPERLA® applicator in Spain
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Hi, Steve and his team Michel, Kris and Denny have done an excellent job here. We are very happy with the result. Very good workmanship. Definitely recommended for solving moisture problems in the house.
Ruth Whittaker
Ruth Whittaker
Customers from TEAMSCOMUR - Approved proPERLA® applicator in Spain
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Steve and his team did a fantastic job sorting out the damp issues in the basement of our rental property. They always arrived promptly at the agreed time, worked hard and cleaned up after themselves. Lovely professional job
Gemma Bourke
Gemma Bourke
Customers from TEAMSCOMUR - Approved proPERLA® applicator in Spain
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Steve and his team have done an amazing job on our property, helping us decide on the scope of the project and managing all the work while we were in the UK. Working with Steve has been a pleasure and for every issue found he always had a solution and kept the project moving. Would recommend Steve if you are thinking of renovating your place in the sun. Special thanks to Phil and Mitch, great part of the team.

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All approved applicators have undertaken specialised training by ProPERLA in order to fully understand the highly technical properties of the exterior coatings and the correct procedures for pre-application and application.

By choosing an approved applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

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FAQ: DPC Injection technology

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It doesn’t matter whether the house is old or new. Moisture affects both equally. The product works equally well in both.

No, it would only stop rising damp.

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