House with damp problems on the Costa del Sol

One of the main problems of living on the Costa del Sol (despite the many benefits it also offers), is the damp in the properties. Sometimes because of the poor quality of the construction, because they are not used to the rain in Malaga or because of the location of the land itself.

Even one of the best locations in the world is not spared from a problem that can cause great damage to homes.

Many homeowners invest heavily to ensure that their homes are not affected by damp throughout the year and it is the best decision they can make.

However, for those who do not, they have to witness their house deteriorating little by little.

This is the case of a house we visited in 2021.

After Facade Spanish House Rising Damp

The problem

The owners wanted to rent out their property for the summer, but he found that the house was not in good condition.

The impact of autumn and winter weather had caused the house to deteriorate, both inside and outside.

The house was also built in 1995 and had not been constructed with energy-efficient materials, nor had any protective treatment been applied for that purpose.

Since they were in a bit of a hurry to rent it, they contacted us and we connected them with a certified applicator in the area.

The solution

One of our applicators on the Costa del Sol, TeamSecomur visited the property and discovered that the property had problems with rising damp.
Next, proPERLA DPC Injection cream was applied, which stops the rising damp that comes from the foundations and is responsible for the deterioration of the walls.
Then, the façade was rehabilitated with proPERLA Facade Coating, a water-repellent paint that will protect the wall against the effects of humidity, rain, ultraviolet rays, at the same time as giving it a beautiful and renewed aesthetic appearance. The customer chose white from the range of colours available.

We have created a page for you to understand how the wall dampness treatment is applied and all the details related to it.

The result

The house is aesthetically perfect and will be protected against the effects of damp for a guaranteed 10 years. The client was happy with the quality received and was able to rent the house on time.

If you have damp problems and you are looking for a professional applicator you can trust, do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond to your enquiry.

House Damp Problem Costa Del Sol Properla Solution
Patio With Damp Prolems Costa Del Sol Properla Solution

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