proPERLA® Facade Coating

Protect your facade from humidity

This product includes silane resin technology, which has been available for over 25 years in Europe and has become the fastest growing type of exterior coating on the market.

proPERLA® takes advantage of proven technology along with its extensive experience to deliver impressive painting results.


Once a wall is painted with proPERLA®, it becomes permeable to water vapour, avoiding any moisture from being retained in the wall.

Only a 5% humidity retention can reduce the thermal resistance of a facade by 50%.

Super hydrophobic

As soon as proPERLA® is applied to a facade, thanks to its excellent water-repellent properties, the falling raindrops have a pearl effect, similar to that of a lotus leaf, so that the surface does not get wet.

This will make the facade dry and resistant to mold, lichen, and other biohazards. In addition, the resistance of the surface to frost damage is also increased.


Dirt usually sticks very easily to walls. However, when you paint a facade with proPERLA®, the dirt is unable to penetrate into the porous building materials.

Although the wall may have some dirt on it, once applied the water repellent paint, it can be removed very easily by raindrops. This is why we say that the surface is self-cleaning.

Humidity is not the only thing that can deteriorate your facade

In addition to humidity, there are many other factors that can deteriorate your facade. Proximity to the sea, air pollution, mold and other types of dirt are just some of the factors that may also accelerate the deterioration of a facade. Therefore, you should think that proPERLA® paint not only protects it against humidity, but also against other atmospheric and dirt factors. The facade will remain attractive and clean, even in areas facing north, with high humidity or penetration of sea salt.

proPERLA® Facade Coating

Water repellent, breathable and self-cleaning paint.

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Colour range | Exterior paint

Pictures of the available colours should be considered as a guide. Given the variability of results offered by the website depending on the type of device from which you enter it (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.), we advise you to contact us to send you the official colour palette of our paint.

Light Grey Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Light Grey

Water Lily Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Water Lily

White Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint


Devon Stone Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Devon Stone

Polar White Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Polar White

Cotswold Cream Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Cotswold Cream

Beige Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint


Cotswold Stone Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Cotswold Stone

Pebble Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint


Sage Green Properla Wall Coating Colour Paint

Sage Green

9 exterior wall coating before

Before and after applying Masonry paint

9 paint exterior wall

How does facade coating works

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Insulates mineral-based construction materials reducing water absorption.
It has been subjected to tests accredited by the UKAS (National Accreditation Body for the United Kingdom).
It has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and a 25-year shelf life.
It’s available in 10 colours.
Avoids salt efflorescence.
Prevent penetrating moisture.
Prevents the growth of moss, algae and lichens.
It has a matte finish and is resistant to dirt.


Verified reviews by TrustPilot
QES Exterior Coatings
QES Exterior Coatings
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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ProPERLA has made a huge difference. After 20 years of not using our dining room due to it being cold, we are dining in there.
Kingdom Coatings
Kingdom Coatings
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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Thank you for a job well done. The end results very breathtaking. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.
Home Energy Protection
Home Energy Protection
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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I have waited a while to leave a review to see if the coating on my house works. So I can now say it does and it still looks great too! I would highly recommend!

Find an approved applicator

All authorized applicators have received specialized training from proPERLA® to correctly apply our products.

By choosing an authorized applicator, you ensure that the product complies with its manufacturer’s warranty, extends its useful life and protects your facade for many years.

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FAQ: Facade Coating

It depends on the construction material, but as a general rule, approximately 4-5 m2 per liter and layer. Specific details on product performance can be found in the technical data sheet.

It depends on the paint that has already been applied. In some cases, the proPERLA® paint can be applied over without any problems, but in other cases, it may be necessary to apply a primer or remove the previous paint completely before it can be applied.

No, proPERLA® Facade Coating is only designed for mineral-based surfaces. For example, it cannot be used on wood or metal.

It’s not necessary to apply a primer. The primer is only recommended on very porous surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion of the product, or when the surface has been previously painted.

To guarantee the correct protection of the façade and the appearance of the product, two layers of paint must be applied.

Yes, after its correct application and thanks to its properties, it prevents the appearance of mold, algae and other microorganisms.

proPERLA® has been designed to be highly breathable and ensure that it does not interfere with the facade’s natural ability to “breathe”.

As moisture is naturally drawn to the facade, our paint allows water molecules to pass through and be released into the air, preventing water from being trapped and is what ultimately causes humidity problems.


proPERLA® cannot be applied in temperatures below 5°C.

It depends on the colour.

If they are dark colours, no, due to the composition of the product, because it could affect its breathability and would not comply with the manufacturer’s warranty.

If they are light colours, such as those we offer in our colour palette, then a dye could be applied.

The paint on which the dye could be applied is custom order, i.e. dyes could not be applied on any of our official colours.

The paint is silicone based, the best component for exterior paints, because it increases the durability of the paint and its resistance to weather factors.

In addition, it has titanium dioxide, which increases the reflectivity and brightness of the paint.

In the event of no rain for a long period of time, you can apply water with a low-pressure hose.

IMPORTANT!: Do not use pressurized water cleaning or rub the surface.

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