RENOTEC® Roof Coating

Improve the aesthetics of your roof and protect it against inclement weather.

RENOTEC® has been scientifically developed by specialized engineers, who have more than 30 years of experience in developing high-quality protective paints for roofs.

RENOTEC® prolongs the useful life of the roof tiles by slowing down their deterioration process.


The hydrophobic properties of our coating prevent your roof from getting wet, thus improving the thermal insulation of your property; and reduces frost damage and the appearance of biological hazards, such as microbial spores, mold or lichen.


RENOTEC® chemically penetrates into the tiles and prevents dirt from adhering to them.

In this way, dust particles remain superficially on the roof and get washed away as soon as it starts to rain. It helps keep tiles clean and visually aesthetic for years.


What makes RENOTEC® the most widely purchased roofing paint in the UK and Germany is that it’s highly breathable.

RENOTEC® allows moisture to escape and not be trapped within the tiles, thus reducing the occurrence of biological hazards such as mold.

High technology using an organic and environmentally friendly formula

RENOTEC® is based on a special 100% acrylic organic formula (solvent free) and with specially selected pigments. As it does not contain chemicals, it guarantees that it’s environmentally friendly and does not affect the health of the home’s inhabitants.

RENOTEC® Roof Coating

Roof Coating with excellent properties.

renotec roof coating pot mockup

A range of colours for your roof

These images represent the range of colours available which should only be considered as a guide. Given the variability of screens (computers, mobiles, tablets, etc.), we cannot guarantee the exact match between our official colours and those shown on the website. Contact us to show you the exact colour chart we offer.

Renotec Tile Red Roof Coating

Tile red

Antrhracite Renotec Roof Coating


Black Blue Renotec Roof Coating

Black blue

Rustic Renotec Roof Coating


Red Brown Renotec Roof Coating

Red brown

Green Renotec Roof Coating


Drak Brown Renotec Roof Coating

Dark brown

Renotec Cleaning And Roof Coating Before

Before and after using RENOTEC® Roof Coating

Renotec Cleaning And Roof Coating After

How does roof coating works

Play Video about Renotec Roof Tile Paint Before And After Case
To be used on mineral-based roof tiles, including concrete, clay and fiber cement.
UV resistant.
Treated tiles repel water.
Made in Germany with the latest and most advanced nanotechnology.
Wide selection of colours.
It chemically bonds to the tile’s surface.
Helps extend the tiles useful lifespan.


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We had our roof treated appropriately four years ago and it still looks perfect.
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Find an approved applicator

All certified applicators have received specialized training courses from proPERLA® to understand the properties of our products, as well as the correct application processes.

By choosing one of our official applicators, you ensure that RENOTEC® roof paint will have an optimal performance and will the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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FAQ: Roof Coating

Thanks to the patented microFORMULA® technology, sealing and protecting tiles against inclement weather is guaranteed.

RENOTEC® has been designed to ensure that it does not interfere with the natural ability of the tile to “breathe”.

Water vapor permeability tests were carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO 7783:2011 and showed that the paint did not affect the diffusion of water vapor through the materials.

Since moisture is naturally attracted to the tile, RENOTEC® allows water molecules to pass through and be released into the air, preventing it from becoming trapped in the tiles.

Yes, RENOTEC® adheres to the tiles and prevents further damage or breakage of the tiles.

RENOTEC® cannot be applied at temperatures below 5°C.

It is only necessary when applying it on clay tiles and artificial slate.

Between one and two hours approximately, with a relative humidity of 65% and a temperature of 20ºC.

The tiles must be in perfect condition, without breakages. Also, they have to be clean and dry. You can clean the tiles by using pressurized water.

Yes, this product is a paint. You can choose between different colours to paint your roof.

Two coats are enough for the product to take effect.

There are exceptions. For example, when it’s very hot, we recommended to dilute the product in water by 10%.

No, only on mineral surfaces.

You can easily remove it by pouring a bucket of water over the tiles or with a hose. You should not rub or apply pressurized water.

RENOTEC® is also our brand, but it’s a brand that we launched in the European market. Being so popular, we have decided to bring it to Spain under its own name.

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