Professional House Painters

House painting is a quick and effective means of enhancing the appearance of a home. House painting is considered a low-cost technique to add to the value of a home when planning to put it up for sale. Painting a house helps give it a new look without working on its architectural structure. Additionally, while painting will help make your house look good, it also helps enhance the safety integrity of your house by giving it well-protected surfaces, depending on the paint type though. With the different paint types and colours available, you can make your house relaxing and lively for occupants.

By choosing an approved applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

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What Does A House Painter Do?

A professional house painter is a trained, certified house painter who understands the different phases of house painting. Our professional house painters are saddled with these responsibilities:

At proPERLA,® we do business with house painting specialists around the world. Contact us to connect you with exterior painters around you, either in the UK, France, Spain, or Portugal.

Make recommendations

the first task of a professional painter is to recommend the best paint and materials for a house painting project. Since the painting industry is full of different paints, our painters will recommend the best paints for your house. This also involves showing you how each paint works, so you know what you are about to invest in.

Make a schedule

another task of a quality house painter is to give quotes for the painting project. He does this by inspecting the house and its conditions to know the needed requirements. atime is an important factor in a house painting project. A professional house painter knows the best time of the year and the day to paint. Rains and other environmental factors determine when to paint a house, and your house painter will put this first in making a schedule for the job. Our professional house painter will work with your schedule and other important factors to know when to paint your house.

Apply the paint

after the surface has been prepped and everything is in order, the next is to apply the paint. A professional house painter understands that house painting requires more than one coat, depending on the type of paint and the colours of the existing and new paints.

Give quotes

another task of a quality house painter is to give quotes for the painting project. He does this by inspecting the house and its conditions to know the needed requirements.

Prepare the surface

painting is a complex job and involves more than applying the paint. Prep is an important phase in every painting job. How well your walls are prepared has a say in the overall result of the job. A well-prepared surface will bring out the best of the paint that goes on it. This also includes priming when necessary. As professionals, our house painters will prepare your walls and ensure they are in the right state to absorb your choice of paint.

Benefits of House Painting

Different benefits of house painting make it worth the investment. Here are a few benefits of house painting:

New Look: the most obvious benefit of painting your house is to give it a new look. For example, if your house paint is old and fading, you want to repaint it for an improved appearance. This also gives you the flexibility of choosing your choice of colours for the house.

Added Value: if you plan to put your house for sale, painting is an excellent way to attract buyers with higher prices. Buyers are more attracted to a newly-painted house than other houses on the list. Hence, you are more likely to meet more buyers with higher prices when you paint your house.

House Painters near you

At proPERLA®, we do business with local house painters around the world, such as in the UK, Portugal, France, and Spain. Hence, we easily connect homeowners with local painters around them.

We patronize local home painters is to cut back on the cost of transportation. Since the cost of transportation can mount on estimations, providing you with local house painters becomes necessary. Plus, dealing with a local exterior painter near you means establishing a good relationship with your painter.

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Areas we cover

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Ultimate house protection with proPERLRA

proPERLA® Facade Coating is a unique treatment technology. It creates self cleaning and super hydrophobic facades, without affecting its breathability.

protect from penetrating damp

When planning to paint your house either in the UK, France, Spain, or Portugal, you will come across different painters with different quotes. While you will be tempted to go for the cheapest quotes on the list, it is a trap you can’t afford to fall into.

Cheap painters are usually not up to task at what they claim to do. House painting is a complex job, requiring the service of professionals. A professional painter knows what the job is all about and foresees everything from the start. In factors this into the price, which might not be the cheapest on the list.

On the other hand, a beginner painter doesn’t have much experience in house painting but is eager to secure the job, thereby offering the lowest price. The problem with unprofessional painters is that they offer low-quality services you would later regret.

Hence, it is always wise to go for a professional house painter.

It is usually difficult to give the precise cost of painting your house since the total cost of house painting depends on different variables. For example, the type of paint you choose for your project will contribute to the cost.

Other factors that determine the cost of a house painting project include the region, the condition of the walls, and how many coats to go on the walls.

The only way to know how much it will cost to paint your house is to contact a house painter around you for an inspection.

When you contact us, we will provide you with quality home painters near you to inspect your house and estimate how much to budget for the project.

FAQ: House painters

Again, the cost of painting a house depends on different variables. Variables like the region, painter, and materials usually contribute to the overall cost of painting a house. The best way to know how much painting the outside of your house will cost in the UK is to contact a house painting company around you.

Contact us for house painters near you in the UK.

The cost of house painting also varies in Spain, depending on the painting contractor, paint type, and the house size. Hence, you will need to contact a painting company around you in Spain to have an estimate of how much it would cost to paint the exterior of your house.

When you contact us, our applicator network with provide you with house painters near you in Spain who come to inspect and give you a quote on painting your house.

The answer to whether house painting is worth it or not is a resounding YES. Painting your house offers different benefits, from adding value to your house to giving it a new look that stands it out on the block.

Again, studies show that repainting your house will add to its value and help it attract buyers with higher prices.

The market is flooded with different paint types, and it is usually difficult for homeowners to know which one to go for during a house painting project.

While our professional house painters will put you through which paint to choose for painting your house exterior, your wall type is a significant determinant in choosing which option is best for you.

The number of coats needed for painting the outside of a house depends on the wall conditions and the new and existing paint colors. While house painting usually requires more than one coat, these variables will determine how many coats of paint go on your exterior walls.

For example, while two coats are enough for a well-prepped, primed wall, you will need more coats if your walls are not well-prepped. Also, you will need more coats if you are painting a light color on a darker color for good coverage.  

Other Painting Services

At Properla, we deal with all types of paint for different painting purposes and provide customers with professional, quality applicators of our products. Besides providing homeowners with house painters near them, we also specialize in other painting services.

Other services we render at Properly include interior and exterior painting services, residential and commercial painting services, and coating services.