proPERLA® Masonry Creme

It will create an invisible insulation barrier, penetrating deep into the substrate, up to 17 mm and protecting the masonry for over 20 years.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme has been developed with superior technology and it has been tested and certified to standards. The product penetrates deep into the substrate, creating an INVISIBLE INSULATION BARRIER that reduces water absorption by more than 95%. proPERLA® Insulation Creme has been tested according to EN ISO 15148:2002, demonstrating its hygrothermal performance on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone.

Masonry insulating properties

A treatment with proPERLA® Masonry Insulation Creme insulates mineral building materials by reducing water absorption. The lifespan of a treated surface is more than 20 years. The product bonds due to a molecular reaction to the surface, is able to penetrate up to 17 mm and creates an invisible insulation barrier.

Protect your property while it keep breathable.

The masonry is able to breathe and will be permeable to water vapour whilst allowing air and moisture to pass through from one side to the other. A breathing masonry will improve the thermal conductivity and insulation properties. Consider that just a 5% content of damp in cavity wall insulation or other building materials can lower the thermal resistance by up to 50%.

Self cleaning effect in your bricks

Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the proPERLA® treated brickwork and will therefore simply flow off with rainfall. The masonry remains clean and attractive. Even on sides which are particularly exposed to the weather like on the north-facing side or areas in shade, as well as in areas with high air humidity or sea salt penetrated air.

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Invisible insulation barrier for energy savings

More and more architects choose proPERLA® Masonry Creme as it grants a nice and durable result and an especially healthy environment for house owners. First of all, our systems offer a low maintenance, satisfying all needs that house owners are looking for; to enjoy a self-cleaning and water repellent brickwork with a high breathability.

Masonry Creme

Designed to insulate bricks, masonry and porous building materials

properla masonry creme pot

A clear insulation barrier

The masonry cream creates a clear insulation barrier for single skin buildings and those built with a cavity. It has been proven to help retain heat in walls and reduce heat loss.

Facade Thermal Efficency Before Properla Treated
Facade Thermal Efficency After Properla Untreated

Damp walls = Thermal bridges = Energy loss

A breathing surface will improve it’s insulation properties. Just a 5% content of damp in building materials can lower the thermal resistance by up to 50%. If a roof tile sealer cannot breathe, a build up of moisture will occur underneath the surface, leading to irreparable damage to roof tile.

exterior facade coating breathability

How masonry creme works

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Improves thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry
Maintains thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
Reduces heat loss
Offers a self cleaning surface
Maintains the original masonry finish
Slow ageing or breakdown of the surface
Will allow the building to breathe
Clear insulation barrier for +20 years


Verified reviews by TrustPilot
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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The latest wet storm has gone to show the job was done correctly as no more water running down my walls and I can see the water repelling on my outside walls. Will recommend...
Chris Noonan - Render UK
Chris Noonan - Render UK
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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Absolutely fantastic. This product is exactly what it says on the tin. All our customers have been extremely happy with the results and how cost effective it has been on there properties. Thanks to Gary and his team at Properla UK for all there help and advice with using their product on various substrates within our project portfolio...
 Greg Mckenzie - Kingdom Coatings
Greg Mckenzie - Kingdom Coatings
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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I have dealt with them for many years and I can honestly say they are a great company, with fantastic staff, who all possess great customer service skills. Their products are the best on the market and second to none!

Find an approved applicator

All approved applicators have undertaken specialised training by ProPERLA in order to fully understand the highly technical properties of the exterior coatings and the correct procedures for pre-application and application.

By choosing an approved applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

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FAQ: Masonry Creme

The ProPERLA range of exterior coatings have been designed to be highly breathable to ensure that they do not interfere with a substrate’s natural ability to ‘breathe’ even after coating.

Unlike some stone and brick sealing products, it does not block the pores of the masonry by coating them with a thin film.

Water vapour permeability testing was conducted in accordance with BS EN ISO 7783:2011 and it demonstrated that the coating had little effect on the water vapour diffusion of the substrate.

As moisture is naturally drawn to the surface of the brick or substrate, ProPERLA coatings allow the water molecules to pass through and release into the air – avoiding complications of trapped water and moisture which will ultimately lead to damp problems.

‘Breathability’ is a term used within the building industry to describe how a substrate allows water molecules and air molecules to pass through it. Breathability ratings are identified by an ‘SD’ value –both ProPERLA Masonry Crème and ProPERLA Water Repellent have an SD value of 0.00, whilst ProPERLA Exterior Façade Coating (Colours) has a rating of 0.06. These figures show that the products are at the top end of breathability ratings.

Yes they do – the products bond with the substrate and will prevent further damage or surface breakdown.

ProPERLA cannot be applied in temperatures less than 5°C.

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