proPERLA® Masonry Creme

An invisible insulating barrier for walls.

The coating chemically penetrates into the wall to isolate it from moisture and reduce water absorption by 95%.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme has been developed with the latest technology and has demonstrated its hygrothermal performance in concrete, mortar, brick and sandstone.


When proPERLA® is applied to a wall, it allows it release air and moisture. This prevents water particles from becoming trapped in the walls and causing damage.

Superhydrophobic coating

When a wall is coated with proPERLA®, it can repel water, causing water droplets to form and remain on the surface or run down the façade. In short, water “escapes” from the surface.

Independent tests have shown that proPERLA® Masonry Creme reduces water absorption by 96.3%.

Self-cleaning effect

The dirt on a wall coated with proPERLA® is unable to penetrate into the construction materials. In this way, when it rains, the dirt is washed away leaving a completely clean surface. This saves the owner cleaning cost.

Prevents and protects

By reducing water absorption, the outward migration of soluble salts from bricks and mortar is also reduced, thus avoiding problems of saline efflorescence.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme does not alter the appearance of the building and, in addition, helps maintain and protect the natural beauty of the wall.

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Save on your energy bill

Our products is exactly what homeowners are looking for: a self-cleaning and superhydrophobic facade with great breathability, which translates into savings on the electricity bill.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme

Designed to insulate bricks, masonry, and other porous building materials.

properla masonry creme pot

A transparent insulation barrier

If the building is not built-in terms of energy efficiency, it may be that its materials facilitate heat loss. proPERLA® stops heat loss and helps maintain a comfortable and warm environment within the building.

Facade Thermal Efficency Before Properla Treated
Facade Thermal Efficency After Properla Untreated

Damp walls = Thermal bridges = Energy loss

If the pores within a wall absorb and accumulate moisture, heat can escape easier than it would if the cavities were filled with air.

proPERLA® improves thermal efficiency and helps reduce energy consumption and energy bills by keeping walls dry.

Damp walls act as “thermal bridges”, allowing heat to transfer from the interior to the exterior two times faster than it would if the walls were dry.

protect from penetrating damp

How masonry creme works

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Creates a superhydrophobic, self-cleaning surface.
Protects the surface against the damaging effects of the weather.
Repels dirt from the surface.
Extends the façade’s lifespan.
Discourages the growth of moss, algae and lichens.
UV resistant.
Delays aging or degradation of the building.
Reduces heat loss.


Verified reviews by TrustPilot
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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The latest wet storm has gone to show the job was done correctly as no more water running down my walls and I can see the water repelling on my outside walls. Will recommend...
Chris Noonan - Render UK
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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Absolutely fantastic. This product is exactly what it says on the tin. All our customers have been extremely happy with the results and how cost effective it has been on there properties. Thanks to Gary and his team at Properla UK for all there help and advice with using their product on various substrates within our project portfolio...
Greg Mckenzie - Kingdom Coatings
proPERLA UK Approved applicator
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I have dealt with them for many years and I can honestly say they are a great company, with fantastic staff, who all possess great customer service skills. Their products are the best on the market and second to none!

Find an approved applicator

proPERLA® applicators have received specialized training to understand the qualities of our products and know how to apply them using the appropriate procedures.

By choosing an authorized applicator, you ensure that our products comply with their highly technical properties and safeguard the fulfillment of their guarantee.

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FAQ: Masonry Creme

“Breathability” is a term used in the construction industry to describe how well a surface allows water and air molecules to pass through them.

Breathability indices are identified by an “SD” value: both proPERLA® Masonry Creme and proPERLA® Water Repellent have an SD value of 0.00, while proPERLA® Facade Coating has an index of 0.06. These figures demonstrate that the products are at the higher end of breathability ratings.

Yes, the product adheres to the materials and prevents further surface damage or breakage.

If by chance there was no rain for a long time, you can apply water with a standard garden hose. This will remove the dirt from the surface.

IMPORTANT!: Do not rub or apply pressurized water on the surfaces.

proPERLA® cannot be applied in temperatures below 5°C.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme has a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee. However, when tested under accelerated weather conditions for 25 years, there was no deterioration in performance or cosmetic appearance.

proPERLA® Masonry Creme chemically adheres to the surface, penetrating up to 17 mm to create an invisible insulating barrier, which isolates building materials from water absorption.

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