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proPERLA® Wall coatings range of products.

In 2018, proPERLA® products were independently tested by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited testing and analysis laboratory, Lucideon.

Lucideon’s world-leading laboratories scientifically and impartially tested our products to ensure they are fit for purpose and conform to regulations.

Products tested in this study.

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Lucideon constructed a single skin brick wall which was evenly split vertically into thirds with a 10 mm x 100 mm insulated expansion joint inserted to prevent heat transfer between each section.

One third of the wall was coated using ProPERLA Masonry Crème, the middle third was left untreated to act as a control and the final third was coated with ProPERLA Primer followed by ProPERLA Facade Coating.

A total of 9 thermocouples were positioned on each section of the wall to monitor the temperature; 3 were positioned on the front of the wall, 3 were positioned at the rear of the wall and 3 were placed at a depth of 50 mm within the body of the wall. Thermal imaging was also used.

Properla Tested Methodology Lucideon
Front. From left to right: proPERLA® Masrony Creme, Untreated, Properla Facade coating
Properla Tested After 25 Years Weathering Lucideon Uk
Back. From left to right: Properla Facade coating, Untreated, proPERLA® Masrony Creme

Quality standards achieved by the range of façade products.

Hygrothermal performance

beading effect properla

EAD 090062-00-0404

25 year hygrothermal performance

water repellent

Properla High Breathable

EAD 040083-00-0404

External thermal insulation composite


Properla Masonry Creme In Walls

BS EN ISO 7783:2011

Water vapour diffusion

determine performance after 25 years of accelerated weathering

test and analyse thermal insulating properties

test and analyse breathability

test and analyse the super hydrophobic properties

proPERLA® Roof Coatings range of products.

In 2021, following previous testing conducted by Lucideon, ProPERLA Water Repellent & RENOTEC Roof Coating were also tested in a 25 year accelerated weather process.

The tests were conducted to:

  • determine performance after 25 years of accelerated weathering
  • test and analyse breathability
  • test and analyse the super hydrophobic (highly water repellent) properties of the coatings

Products tested in this study.


25-year performance guarantee on proPERLA® roofing products.

To determine the long term performance of ProPERLA roof coatings, the test roof frame was subjected to accelerated weathering correlating to 25 years exposure.

Placed within a hygrothermal chamber, the test roof panel was subjected to repeated heat-rain cycles followed by heat-cold cycles at controlled humidity to simulate naturally occurring conditions. 


On completion of the weathering test, the test sample showed no evidence of deterioration such as cracking, delamination or water penetration, demonstrating a 25 year performance of both RENOTEC Roof Coating & ProPERLA Water Repellent.

In the water impermeability test, weathering had no adverse effects with the samples. which remained impervious to water after the 25 year weathering cycles.

The breathability of treated tiles was also found to be consistent with untreated tiles during the water vapor permeability test.

transpirabilidad de las tejas tratadas también resultó ser consistente con las tejas no tratadas durante la prueba de permeabilidad al vapor de agua.

Ensayo De Laboratorio Properla Pintura Para Tejados
Sample of roof treated with RENOTEC®, proPERLA® Water-repellent and other untreated parts. In test tunnel.

Quality standards passed by the roofing product range.

Hygrothermal performance

Aprovechar Agua Lluvia Tejados

EAD 090062-00-0404

25-year hygrothermal performance


beading 3

BS 539-1:2005


Water vapor permeability

beading 1

BS EN ISO 12572:2016

Water vapour permeability

Accelerated weathering resistance of 25 years.

Thermal insulation properties

Breathability properties.

Super hydrophobic properties.