proPERLA® Wood impregnator

Wood impregnator for a long lifespan of your wood surfaces.

proPERLA® Wood Impregnator is a water-based solution designed with the latest nanotechnology. It protects wooden surfaces such as hardwood terraces, beams or wooden boards against premature aging. Thanks to its extreme beading effect, it effectively prevents the shrinkage or splitting of wood.As the surface remains constantly dry, microorganisms can not adhere and green growth of green is drastically minimized.

Super hydrophobic

You will recognise the excellent water repellent properties by its beading behavior. It will make the surface dry and extremely resistant to biological hazards, mould, mildew, etc. A dry surface will improve the thermal resistance, prevent frost damage and reduce the growth of microbial spores.

Self cleaning effect

Dirt particles are unable to obtain a hold on the proPERLA® coated surface and will simply flow off with rainfall. The surface remains clean and attractive, even on sides which are particularly exposed to the weather, as well as in areas with high air humidity or sea salt penetrated air.

A product that respects health and the environment

The water-based product is solvent-free. This means that the product is not hazardous to the environment or the people who use the wooden structures coated with proPERLA® Wood impregnator. If you are interested in green and environmentally friendly interior and exterior design, you can help to extend the life of your wooden surfaces while protecting yourself, your friends and family from the effects of moisture.

Wood Impregnator

The clear protection of your wood surfaces.

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Before and after using proPERLA® Wood Impregnator


How does wood impregnator works

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Based on the latest nanotechnology.
Scientifically tested for the protection of wood surfaces.
Minimizes the adhesion of stains.
Especially developed for hardwood terraces, beams, etc.
Extremely water-repellent.
Does not discolor.
Reduces the growth of microorganisms
Clear insulation barrier for +20 years

Find an approved applicator

All approved applicators have undertaken specialised training by ProPERLA in order to fully understand the highly technical properties of the exterior coatings and the correct procedures for pre-application and application.

By choosing an approved applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

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FAQ: Wood Impregnator

The product increases the resistance of wood surfaces to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The surface must be completely dry and clean for the product to take effect. If the wood is damp on the inside, this can be evaporated after the product has been applied thanks to its breathability.

No, it is not a varnish. It does not serve to rejuvenate the surface. It is a coating with water-repellent properties.

No. To achieve the water-repellent effect, we could apply a stripper or sand the wood to remove the varnish and then apply the product. Remember: proPERLA® Wood impregnator is applied directly to the wood.

No, otherwise the product would lose all its performance. The varnish cannot be applied before or after.

It does not alter or modify the tone of the wood. The tone of the product is natural, matt. The product intensifies the colour of the wood.

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