proPERLA® Wood impregnator

A waterproofing treatment to extend the useful life of your timber objects and structures

proPERLA® Wood impregnator protects wooden surfaces and structures such as beams, boards, or terraces against premature aging.

It’s a water-based treatment designed with the latest nanotechnology with a 10-year guarantee.

Super hydrophobic

A wooden structure treated with proPERLA® repels water and prevents humidity, making it extremely resistant to biological risks (fungi, mold, etc.) In addition, it effectively prevents the wood from cracking or shrinkage.


proPERLA® Wood impregnator allows dirt to wash off easily with the rain, so the wooden surfaces remain looking good and clean, even in areas that are highly exposed to harsh weather conditions with high humidity, or near the sea.


When you apply proPERLA® on wood, you ensure that it can breathe and is permeable to water vapor. When wooden surfaces are able to breath, this improves its insulation properties.

A product that respects health and the environment

The water-based product is solvent-free. This means that the product isn't dangerous for the environment or the people who use it. If you are interested in environmentally friendly interior and exterior design, you can help extend the lifespan of your wooden surfaces, while protecting yourself, your friends and family from the effects of moisture.

proPERLA® Wood Impregnator

The clear protection of your wood surfaces.

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Before and after using proPERLA® Wood Impregnator

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How does wood impregnator works

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Super hydrophobic coating: repels water.
UV resistant.
Quick and easy to apply.
Helps prevent discoloration and rotting.
Chemically bonds to wood surfaces.
Discourages the growth of moss, algae and lichens.
Does not alter the appearance of the wood.
Extends the lifespan of the wood by keeping it dry.

Find an approved applicator

All proPERLA® applicators have specialized training to understand the technical characteristics of our products, as well as the procedures to follow for their pre-application and application.

By choosing an authorized applicator, you ensure that the product meets its performance and useful life.

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FAQ: Wood Impregnator

Yes, the product increases the resistance of wood surfaces against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

The surface must be completely dry and clean before applying the product and in order for it to work correctly.

No, it’s not a varnish. It does not rejuvenate the surface. It is a coating with hydrophobic characteristics.

No. To achieve the waterproof effect, we need to sand down the wood to remove the varnish and then apply the product. Remember: proPERLA® Wood impregnator is applied directly onto the wood.

No, because otherwise the product would lose all its benefits. Varnish can’t be applied either before or after.

It does not alter or modify the tone of the wood. The product dries clear and matte, managing to intensify the colour of the wood itself.

If there is no rain for a long time, the dirt can be removed manually. You will only need to apply very low-pressure water (with a regular garden hose) to remove it.

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