Professional Exterior Painters near you

Exterior painting is an excellent way to bring out the best of your building by giving it a new look on the outside. While it helps cover up old, outdated colors, it is a cost-effective option to give your exterior space a fresh breath. Hence, investing in exterior painting helps stand your house out on the block.

By choosing an approved applicator, you are ensuring optimum performance of the ProPERLA exterior coating and the manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

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What an Exterior Home painter does

The job of an exterior painter spans different areas of painting, from preparing the surface to applying the paint. Exterior painters are tasked with the following.

At proPERLA,® we do business with exterior painting specialists around the world. Contact us to connect you with exterior painters around you, either in the UK, France, Spain, or Portugal.

Make recommendations

Since there are different painting materials out there, our applicators, who are professionals at using our products, recommend which products are best for your exterior painting. They do this by examining your walls and their conditions.

Prepare the surface

Our applicators know the importance of prep in painting. Hence, they focus on preparing the surface for smooth and uniform painting, bringing out the best of the job. The prep phase also includes priming the surface if necessary.

Give quotes

The job of our exterior painters also involves providing you with quotes on the project since you want to know how much it would cost to paint your exterior walls. Quotes often depend on recommended materials, wall conditions, and home size.

Apply the paint

After preparing the surface and ensuring it is in order to absorb the paint, our applicators go on to apply the paint to your exterior walls. Painting methods usually vary with paint types, such that rolling-painting is ideal for oil-based paints, while latex-based paints are often applied by spraying-painting.

Exterior Painters Near You

Exterior painting is a task for specialists. While proPERLA® deals with a variety of paints for different types of painting, such as exterior and interior painting, we have an applicator network that provides customers with exterior home painting contractors near them.

Since we prioritize quality, we deal with local professional, quality exterior house painters who have been vetted for using our products. Hence, you can trust us for a professional painter for your next painting project.

Local Exterior Painters

At proPERLA®, we do business with local exterior painters around the world, such as in the UK, Portugal, France, and Spain. Hence, we easily connect homeowners with local painters around them.

This is necessary to promote local jobs and ensure homeowners get the fastest attention when looking for exterior house painter companies near them.

Another significant reason we patronize local home exterior painters is to cut back on the cost of transportation. Since the cost of transportation can mount on estimations, providing you with local exterior wall painters becomes necessary. Plus, dealing with a local exterior painter near you means establishing a good relationship with your painter.

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Areas we cover

We are continually expanding and improving our applicator network, if you do not see your area on the list, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Exterior Wall Coating

While exterior wall painting is excellent for giving your house a new exterior look, exterior coating aims at protecting your exterior walls against environmental elements.

Our exterior coating companies are professionals who understand the importance of protecting external walls against corrosive dust and debris.

Contact us for professional exterior wall coating companies near you.

protect from penetrating damp

When looking for an exterior painter, you want to compare quotes and probably go for the most cheapest on the list. While this might seem ideal and cost-effective, caution should be applied when selecting a painter based on affordability.

Though no one wants to spend unnecessarily on their painting project, low prices are bait. Usually, professionals offer decently affordable prices, which are not the cheapest. This is understandable.

A professional painter knows what the job entails and recommends the best materials, which reflects in the quote. On the other hand, a beginner painter would offer lower costs, only to compromise on quality.

Since a low-quality job would cost you more in the long run, you want to shun the cheap services and hire a professional with a reasonable, affordable price.

While our exterior home painters deliver quality services, they offer reasonable prices you would find around.

Price plays an important role in every project, as it determines how much to budget. However, determining the price of an exterior home painting depends on a few variables. Factors like your home size, paint type, and other materials are significant contributors to how much to budget for your exterior painting.

Hence, giving a precise cost for a painting project can be difficult. The best means to know the prices and cost of painting your exterior walls is to let a professional examine your house and estimate how much it would cost to paint, based on recommended paints and other materials.

When you contact us, you are provided with local exterior painting contractors who will examine your house and give a free quote on your exterior painting.

FAQ: Exterior painters

Exterior painting can be more complicated than interior painting, as external factors often contribute to exterior painting. For example, rain is a significant factor in determining the success of exterior wall painting and can be detrimental to the job if not factored in.

Hence, a professional home exterior painting contractor considers rain forecasts in his schedule and ensures the paint is dry before it the next rain.

Regarding how long paint needs before it rains, it is best to let the paint dry at least twelve (12) hours before it rains. This gives the paint enough time to dry, preventing it from wiping off when it rains.

Temperature is usually a significant factor to consider when determining the best time of the year to paint exterior walls. Temperatures above 10 degrees are ideal for letting the paint cure properly. Since high temperatures are abundant between April and October, these are the best months of the year to paint outside of the house.

Rain on fresh paint is what you should avoid when planning to paint your exterior walls. Raining on fresh paints will wash the paint off the surface. Also worth noting is that the surface to paint should be dry before the paint goes on it.

Hence, ensure that your wall is dry and no rain is forecast for the day. With this, it is best to schedule your painting for a summer month.

Sanding is an important phase in preparing a surface for painting. Sanding the surface helps provide a bond between the surface and the paint. If you don’t properly sand your surface before painting, though your paint job may look good immediately after painting, it will develop errors in years to come.

Other Facade Services

We are a reputable brand dealing with different paints and coats. While we sell paint to homeowners looking to paint their exterior walls, we also connect them with painters around them to apply our products.

However, our services involve more than exterior home painting. We are also in contact with professionals in other painting niches, such as interior painting services and residential and commercial coating services.

Hence, we will connect you with professionals to apply our products for your purpose. Rest assured, we deal with quality, reputable applicators, meaning you can expect the best when you contact us for any interior or exterior painting service.