How often should you paint your house?

Making plans to renovate your house? Or covering up those visible moulds? Or perhaps changing your colour schemes and repairing the cracks on the wall?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this guide we will answer all the questions that follow the decision of painting your house. Plus, you’ll find some useful tips that’ll help you make your paint last longer. So without further a do lets get into it.

Cost To Paint A House

Signs a house exterior needs fresh paint

These are the main signs that make us realise that we should paint our house.

Fading Paint

The first indication that your walls are in need of repainting is fading paint. The darker the colour and the more exposed the wall is to sunlight, the faster they fade. If you use low-quality paint or apply it improperly, your paint will fade more quickly.

Fading Paint Texture


It’s time to repaint if you see cracks in your walls. Cracking or peeling paint are an indication of a bad preparation and finishing. To avoid further damage to the walls, it is vital to intervene at the first sign of cracking.

Peeling Paint

Visible Moulds

Mould is a clear indication that you need to repaint your walls immediately! Repairmen are quick in identifying and repairing mould damage, but it frequently leaves unattractive scars and blotches on the walls. Painting the wall freshly is the best option for mould treatment.

Mold On Walls


This is another reason to hire a professional painter. Children, pets, and even your significant other may easily mark up walls.

Stains in Walls

Old Paint

Another indicator of whether your house requires painting is the length of time since the last time. This varies for different rooms and locations. Some rooms can survive for long periods without fresh painting, while some require time to time touchups. Kitchen and Drawing rooms, for instance, should be painted every two to three years.

Another reasons

If you’re tired of your existing colour or if the paint job and colour scheme of your house is outdated, then it is theperfect time to renovate it. A different colour scheme can completely alter the vibe of the room by mankind it more vibrant, clean, and fresh.

Also, if you’re planning to sell your house, then there’s no better way to get extra value other than giving it a new look. Freshly painted house look well maintained, acting as a further motivation for the buyer.

Different materials require different maintenance schedules

While it is obvious that you’ll need a set of brushes and rollers to paint your house, there are so many varieties of paints out there that might cause confusion. So in order to clear that out, here’s are some paints varieties you might need in your house.


Primer is the first thing that goes on your wall. It helps the paint to stick to the surface and helps the colour to come out perfectly. Primers are both oil based and water based and work both on metal based or wood based surfaces.


Oil Based Paints

Oil based paints give a hard finish to your walls. They are durable and, most importantly, water resistant.

Oil based paints give better surface penetration and sticks better on the surface. However, they take a long time to dry, which might sometimes cross the 24 hour mark.

Water Based Paints

Water Based Paints are best for interior application. They too are durable and give a clean finish.

Best part is water based paint stains are easy to clean from the floor and it doesn’t give off any chemical smell.

However, they cost more than oil based paint. Water based paints take a very short time to dry up, which means you can apply multiple coats in a day.

Water Based Paints Vs Oil Based Paints
Water Based Paint VS Oil Based Paint | Source:

Latex Paints

Latex paints are water based paints that are made specifically for exterior use and floors. They are very easy to apply and are both water and UV resistant. They also do not require any primer to stick on.

Semi-Gloss Paints

They are best for your kitchens and bathroom walls as they hold really well to scrubbing. They provide a small shine to the walls.

Flat Paints

Flat paints are best for ceiling application. This paint gives an elegant finish to the surface. But, it should be avoided in Kitchen or Children’s room as it does not clean that well.

What affects the durability of the paint?

Want to increase the life of your new paint? We have got you covered. Here we have listed some reasons that affect the life of your house paint.


Maintaining the exterior of your home on a regular basis is so important. Does your house get wet often? If yes then the paint will degrade more rapidly causing dampness that acts as a major degrading agent.

Add to that the growth of organic matter on the walls outside, this combination can make your house look really old in a competitively shorter duration of time.


The durability and adhesion of the paint are directly influenced by the quality of the surface preparation before painting. Before a new coat of paint can be applied, all existing defects in the surface or paint must be completely removed.

In addition, if the surface isn’t completely dry before painting, the paint won’t hold up properly either.


Southwest and south-facing walls will receive more UV radiation from the sun than north-facing walls.

Paint Your House

Even if you use the same paint on all of the walls, some will degrade faster than others. All sides of your property don’t have to have the same materials or be painted at the same time.

Severe Climate Change

Homes in extreme hot and humid regions would be put under extra strain. Other weather conditions that could harm your home’s exterior are sand storms and sea breeze.

The sun’s heat can cause darker paints and oil-based paints to blister that’s especially true if they’re made with man-made colours.

How long should an exterior house paint last?

As you’ve read above, there are a lot of things that go into maintaining the paint job and preventing it from getting degraded.

If you choose the right quality of paint, the painters apply it with the right technique and schedule, and you maintain it regularly, then you can expect your exterior paint to last anywhere from 5-7 Years.

Painting House Exterior

While we understand that you can not do anything about the UV radiations and severe climate changes, you can ask for the application of separate UV Coatings. That alone will add a lot of extra years to your exterior paint.

Now that you have a good knowledge on how painting and different paints work, we think it is a good time you grab some paint buckets off the shelf and start your paint job.

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