Why is roof coating so important?

Roof coating prevents your roof from getting wet which can lead to paint damage on the walls over time. Applying roofing coating will make sure the roof doesn’t get wet lowering the risk of damages.

Renotec Roof Coating System Full Min

Roof coating reduces chance of getting mould on your roof

Your roof will stay dust free, every time it rains the dirt and dust will be washes off.

The develop of waterproof roof coat

RENOTEC roof coating has been developed for 30 years by scientists and engineers in order to make the product stand out from others.

RENOTEC offers a non chemical product which means that they have an environmentally friendly product.

The RENOTEC roof guarantees that the roof coating does not affect the health of the inhabitants in the homes where coating for roof is applied due to no chemicals in the product.

What is a roof coat?

Roof coating waterproof is a fluid applied on top of the tiles which insulates your roof and it gives a new look to your roof which can be called elastomeric roof coating.

It protects the paint on your walls to get damaged over time and reduces frost damages which is why roof coating is so important.

Renotec Cleaning And Roof Coating After

What does RENOTEC offer?

  • Good quality
  • A product that can last over 15 years.
  • wide color range of roof paint
  • experience workers
  • 10 years guarantee

Is roof top coating worth buying?

Coating on roof is worth buying at RENOTEC since we offer a good quality which will last over 15 years. It is applied by experts that has done this many times before and it will avoid roof damages.

Which coating is best for the roof ?

Polyurethane coatings which is a coating that is applied on top of the roof tiles which means you do not have to make a new roof with new tiles. Whereas silicone coating is more for flat roof to cover up cracks so silicone roof coating is not for normal houses.

Roof coating appliance

Easily applied with a spray on top of the tiles.

FAQ: Roof coating

RENOTECS roof coatings last over 15 years and comes with 10 years guarantee.

RENOTECS roof coat comes in various different roof coat colours.

If your roof is old and you are thinking of replacing it, using the coating is a good idea to make your roof more resistant and give it a better look with the tiles paint from the product.

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proPERLA® offers a range of exterior super hydrophobic waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Through our official network of applicators, we provide services to end customers, ensuring the correct application of our products for your benefit.

Whether you are a professional interested in working with our products, or a customer looking for solutions, contact us for more information.

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