Re-roofing Vs Roof Replacement

Looking to get your roof repaired or replaced, but not sure which option is viable for you? We have got you covered.

It’s better to take care of your roof when it starts to show the issues. These signs, if ignored, often result in bigger future expenditures. So, in this short read, we will try to educate you on both re-roofing and roof replacement and help you decide which one is better for you.

But first, let us see what are the signs that tell you need an immediate inspection of your roof.

When should you call roofers?

We’ll talk about which option you should choose between Re-roofing and Roof Replacement. But first, we will walk you through the signs which show that you need a re-roofing or roof replacement, and when you should call a roofer for your roof inspection. First is…

Age of your roof:

The first factor which determines whether you need a re-roofing or roof replacement is the age of your roof. If your roof is showing relatively newer and has some problems, then you can opt for re-roofing. However, if your roof is aged, then re-roofing will not be appropriate. Old roofs require a completely new setup and structure. Hence, you will need a roof replacement.

The typical age of the roof is between 20-50 years, depending on which kind of material and which quality you have used.


Second reason why you should call a roofer for your roof inspection is if your roof is showing leakage. Even if your roof is new, it may still leak because of some minor imperfections. The roof treatment option depends on how severe the leakage is. Ocasionalmente, con tan solo reparar las tejas dañadas, es sufiente.

In addition to replacing all damaged tiles and repairing other damage, we at proPERLA® recommend protecting the roof with a weather protection coating such as RENOTEC®, or protect the roof while leaving the original finish by using a roof tile sealer.


If the roof has been damaged due to weather conditions or any other reason, then you should ask for the help of a professional roofer to inspect the roof and check whether it needs any repair or not, or should you have a roof replacement.

Damage can be both Aesthetic and structural. Aesthetic damages would include fading or colour, moss, algae, and the accumulation of weeds on the roof. Structural damage includes wear and tear on the roof, dents, cracks, or Broken Shingles.

Both Aesthetic and structural damages could lead to serious roof problems. Hence, they should be treated before it gets too late.

Now, we will look at which option among re-roofing and roof replacement is best for you.

Re-roofing Vs Roof Replacement: What is the best option?

At this point you have noticed how factors like age, leakage, and damage affect your roof and when you should call a roofer.

Now, we will check whether you should go for re-roofing or you do a complete roof replacement. Which one is best for you?

In case of small and moderate issues like minor leakages, broken shingles or tiles, and tearing down roof layers, a re-roofing is the perfect option.

Suppose, If your roof is more than 15 years old and it has started to show signs of wear and tear or some leakages, then you can get a new roof layer and get rid of the issues.

However, if the leakage is severe and out of control, then a roof replacement will be your only option.

The important thing to note here is if your roof decking has been compromised, then it is imperative for you to do a roof replacement. Re-roofing in such a case will not do any good as it will just cover up the damages. Not only decking but if you see any damage to the inner layers of your roof, then it needs a replacement.

However, it is necessary to have a qualified professional inspect your roof to advise you and recommend solutions. Whether it is repairing a roof or replacing it, it is not something that can be done without experience. At proPERLA® we have a network of official applicators active throughout Europe, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Re-roofing cost

The average cost in the UK for a new roof ranges between £1500 to £3000, depending on the area per square foot, labour, and the quality of the material you’re using.

However, if you already have two layers of roof, then you will have to tear down one layer to add the new one. International building codes restrict homeowners to add a third layer of the roof to their homes. In such a case, it would cost you more time and money to do re-roofing.

What is normally included in the new roof?

While doing a re-roofing, the roofers will add a new layer of shingles on top of the worn shingles to cover all the damages and issues.

This new layer will protect your roof from leakages and weather damage. Your roof will look brand new which will add a couple of grands to the value of your house.

Re-roofing saves a lot of money for homeowners as it avoids all the expenditure on new waterproofing, decking, reinforcements, surfacing, underlayment, and ice barriers.

Roof Replacement Cost

A complete roof replacement will all the inner layers and decking will cost you around  £6000 on an average.

The cost may go up or down depending on the materials your roofer is using in the new roof. There are different types available and used by roofers like Thermoplastic polyolefin, Ethylene propylene diene monomer, Polyvinyl chloride, metal roofing, and asphalt roofing.

What is included in Roof Replacement?

In roof replacement, the roofer will tear off the shingle layer completely and all the layers beneath that will be taken off. Then, the new decking will be placed and upon that all the waterproofing barriers, reinforcements, and surfacing is done. After the structure is completed, the proofers will fit the new shingles and your roof will be completed.

The roof replacement job will take anywhere between a week and 10 days to complete, and it will cost you more due to labour and new materials.

A replacement will last up to 50 years if you use top-quality material. According to a study done in the UK, a roof replacement adds up to 20% more value to your estate. So, if you’re looking for a buyer, it will add more pounds to your account.

Ending Note

You have decided which solution is the right fit for your problem. What’s the next step? The next thing you should do is to look for a professional roofer, get a quote, and hire them to get your roof done before it’s too late.

Whether you decide to repair your roof or replace it with a new one, we at properla recommend that you use premium products and add extra protection with RENOTEC® Roof Coating, a proffesional roof paint or proPERLA® Water repellent, a tile waterproofing sealer.

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proPERLA® offers a range of exterior super hydrophobic waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Through our official network of applicators, we provide services to end customers, ensuring the correct application of our products for your benefit.

Whether you are a professional interested in working with our products, or a customer looking for solutions, contact us for more information.

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