Exterior damp problems: Campo house in Malaga

The vast majority of the country houses on the Costa del Sol have a patio and a terrace where you can enjoy the outdoors, sunbathing or having a barbecue with friends.
Although we Spaniards are more than used to the problems of humidity in the houses, it often happens that foreigners expect that, on the Costa del Sol, with the good weather, there is no humidity. But, yes, there is. And quite a lot of it.

Damp Problem Campo House Malaga Before After

The problem

Fortunately, on the Costa del Sol we have good weather most of the year. This motivates us to want to spend more time outdoors. However, during the autumn/winter season, the humidity and rain can damage and spoil the aesthetics of our homes.

This is what happened to a retired foreign couple who come to Malaga every year to enjoy their home. They had been repairing their home for several consecutive years due to the effects of damp and were looking for a definitive solution to such an expense. Luckily, they found proPERLA.

The solution

One of our official applicators in the area coordinated a free visit to the property to evaluate the damage, after a first inspection, they came to the conclusion that the house was suffering from rising damp problems, a very common problem in many homes and that, if an anti-damp treatment is not applied when building the house, it ends up appearing sooner or later.

To solve rising damp problems, proPERLA has in its catalogue a product that works perfectly, has 25 years of useful life and has 10 years of guaranteed effectiveness: proPERLA DPC. It is a treatment by injection at the base of the walls that creates a horizontal barrier that prevents the passage of water.

In addition to the damp-proofing treatment, all areas in poor condition were repaired and the façade was painted with proPERLA Facade Coating, a special water-repellent paint that is ideal for preventing the growth of mould, the appearance of efflorescence and prevents dirt from adhering.

The result

The result was very satisfactory. The clients had a completely refurbished house with a new coat of paint.

Moreover, they were certain that, if they did not return to Malaga for a few years, they were completely sure that, when they came back, they would find the house in perfect condition.

The clients were completely satisfied and with the certainty that proPERLA is a serious, competent and professional company.

proPERLA Official applicator: TEAMSECOMUR

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