Block Paving vs Imprinted Concrete

What is the best finish for my patio or driveway?

If you’re looking to get your driveway or patio done but are confused between Block paving or imprinted concrete as two potential options? Then this guide will help you to decide which one is right for you and why.

In this guide, we have compared both on different aspects so you leave with a clear picture. Once you decide which type is for you, we will give you a tip on how you can make your patio or driveway stain-and-moss-proof for as long as 10 years. Read on.

Durability: Which one lasts longer?

Block paving bricks are more durable than imprinted concrete because they are laid individually on a sub-base of sand and interlocked tightly so that they make a strong bond with each other. Due to this arrangement, the weight of the vehicle gets distributed equally on the bricks and the chances of bricks cracking down becomes negligible.

You can expect a Block paving patio or driveway to last as long as 20 years if you take good care of it and clean it regularly.

Imprinted concrete patios, on the other hand, have comparatively more risk of getting cracked due to the weight of vehicles than block paving as it is a single sheet of concrete laid.

In case of wear and tear or a crack in the imprinted concrete patio, you have no other option than to get a completely new floor done. You do have a temporary option to put a cement patch over the crack but that will ruin the look of your patio or driveway and you never know when the patch will get worn off.

However, in the case of Block Paving, if a brick gets broken or cracked, it is relatively easy to get it corrected. All you need to do is to remove that particular brick and replace it with a fresh one, and your patio will be as good as new.

The typical life of an imprinted concrete floor is expected to be 10-12 years if the owner takes regular care of it.

Drainage: A point to bear in mind.

Drainage in a patio or driveway is imperative. Without proper drainage, your house will turn into a slippery beach house in no time. We don’t know how cool it may sound, but that will reduce your patio’s life to half.

If you are going with block pavings then you don’t have to worry about drainage at all because block paving has gaps between the bricks that will soak out the water and you will be left with a clean and dry patio.

Imprinted Concrete on other hand is not permeable as it is a layer of concrete and there are no gaps or pores in between for the water to get drained. So, if you have a flat imprinted concrete patio which isn’t angled to initiate the flow of water, and don’t have a drainage hole, then your driveway will turn into a stank. Slopes need to be well planned so that water does not accumulate and can cause dampness.

Appeal: Everyone to his own taste.

It’s always good to keep your house tidy and neat. Not only does it add to your pride as an owner but it also adds a few extra grand to the value of the property. Now the question is which patio type will prove handier in doing so?

In terms of look and social appeal, both block paving and imprinted concrete stay on the same page. Both look stunning to the eyes and are enough to make the neighbours go green in envy.

Imprindted Concrete Driveway Ideas Pinterest Source
Pinterest ideas for imprinted concrete design

In terms of variation in designs, though, block paving is a bit ahead in the race. But, if your budget allows you to get a few extra miles, then you can easily outshine a block paving driveway in terms of design and looks. Remember, the more complex the design, the higher the cost.

Block Paving Driveway Pattern And Design Ideas Pinterest Source
Pinterest ideas for paving block design

Cost: A major factor.

Which one of the two will go easy on your pocket? Is it the imprinted concrete or block paving? Read on to find out.

Block paving material is comparatively more expensive than any other form of the patio out there. A good quality block paving can cost you anywhere between 20-40 per square metre. Plus, you will have to pay extra for the base kiln dried sand and compacted sub-base material.

The instalment of Block paving also costs 2x the amount of imprinted concrete pavings and it will take twice as much time as an imprinted concrete patio to get finished.

The imprinted concrete patio will cost a few bucks less than the block paving even if you choose the best cement and other material available. The only thing that will increase the cost of an imprint concrete patio is the design. If you’re going with a complex design and the highest quality material altogether, then you can expect the cost to go as high as 70 per square metre.

Maintenance: Important but forgotten.

Maintaining a patio or driveway is something we all have to deal with frequently. It is inevitable and important at the same time if you want your patio or driveway to last to its maximum capacity.

Block paving easily gets contaminated with moss, algae, weeds, and black spots due to the gaps between the joints which you have to remove very carefully otherwise you could disturb the sand sub-base which, consequently, will sink the patio or driveway.

Imprinted concrete driveway requires significantly less care due to the fact that it does not have any gaps in between that may give shelter to unwanted weeds and moss. A regular wash with soap and brush will be enough.

No matter what you choose, weatherproof your patio or driveway is a must.

It does not matter which type of patio you choose. The bottom line is you will need to protect it from excess water, artificial stains & spots, algae, and weeds. That way you can ensure that your patio or driveway will last longer than expected.

The best way to do that is to make your patio or driveway water-resistant. Not only won’t allow any weed or moss to grow in it, but it will also vanish the risk of wear due to excess moisture.

proPERLA® paving impregnator is a clear paving sealer that will help you with that. It creates a water-resistant layer above your patio and makes it up to 95% hydrophobic which will stay the same for 10 years. This means 10 years of no algae, weed, moss, or artificial spots and a crisp-looking patio.

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proPERLA® offers a range of exterior super hydrophobic waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Through our official network of applicators, we provide services to end customers, ensuring the correct application of our products for your benefit.

Whether you are a professional interested in working with our products, or a customer looking for solutions, contact us for more information.

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