Facade renovations according to EnEV: Subsidies and grants from BAFA and KfW

The EnEV also applies to facade renovations, i.e. to the energetic renewal and preparation of the building facade. By the way, the EnEV is the energy saving regulation of the Federal Republic of Germany. You can find out here how you can benefit from energy-efficient renovation of the facade, what support the BAFA provides and what subsidies and loans are available from the KfW. In addition, a few explanatory words are given for each abbreviation mentioned, so that in the end you will emerge as a professional for facade renovations according to EnEV.

Carry out facade renovations in accordance with EnEV 2014 and take advantage of a grant from the BAFA as well as a subsidy and a loan from the KfW. It is also possible to insulate the facade with the right sealant and paint, which we offer you as a renovation service.

EnEV: Energy saving regulation with specifications for real estate

The Energy Saving Ordinance of the Federal Republic of Germany, also simply called EnEV, came into force in 2002 and was revised in its entirety in 2007.

Updates, adaptations and expansions occur again and again – the most important ones took place in 2014 and 2016.

Since the topics of energy system transformation, climate change, CO2 emissions and similar areas of society, politics and economy are only just being consolidated in the categories mentioned, there will also be adjustments to the EnEV in the coming years.

Roughly speaking, the EnEV serves as a set of rules and regulations for energy policy and climate protection policy.

It is also intended to achieve a climate-neutral building stock in Germany by 2050. The EnEV 2014 stipulates, among other things, that in the case of facade renovations or facade construction, the associated insulation must be provided. When renovating the facades of existing buildings, facade insulation must be created / improved according to standard values.

BAFA: Federal Office of Economics and Export Control

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, or BAFA for short, is a division of the superordinate Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and is based in Eschborn. In the field of energy, BAFA is active in the promotion of energy-efficient technologies and measures to save energy.

In addition to energy consulting for commercial and residential buildings, BAFA also allocates subsidies and grants for energy-efficient measures. For example, 50% of the costs for qualified energy advice can be covered.

Within the BAFA there is also a specialised body called the Federal Office for Energy Efficiency (BfEE). This office is responsible for questions in the field of energy efficiency.

With its help, the market is monitored with regard to energy service providers and appropriate subsidies are distributed for their use. Subsidies and grants are part of a market incentive programme designed to accelerate energy-conscious work on properties by private individuals and companies.

KfW: Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, or KfW for short, is certainly familiar to anyone who wants to build or buy a house or renovate an existing property to make it more energy efficient.

The KfW grants loans and subsidies for various measures according to the EnEV and similar regulations.

Not only are construction and renovation loans granted for materials and the employment of construction managers, tradesmen and the like, but also grants for energy consulting, construction support and other services provided by certified specialists.

If you are planning a facade renovation or a complete energy-efficient renovation of your property, you should first of all contact KfW for information about the appropriate support.

Even if you want to modernise a listed building. KfW has created an overview of the individual promotional products for existing properties on its website.

Facade renovations: Facade insulation and external plaster renewal

Let’s return to EnEV 2014, which places demands on building owners who want to install insulation on the façade or renew the exterior plaster.

According to the relevant regulation, the end product may only have a maximum U-value of 0.24 W/(m²-K). The U-value is the heat transfer coefficient, which indicates the heat flow that occurs in a building component at a defined temperature gradient.

In addition to facade insulation, the maximum value mentioned also applies to the roof and its insulation. For example, in the case of a brick wall, an initial value of 1.99 W/(m²K) must be corrected by the insulation.

With regard to a wall, exterior plaster, facade and roof, you should also consider sealing or the use of a sealing and water-repellent paint as part of the right insulation.

You will find corresponding products and systems on our homepage proPERLA®. Ask suppliers of roof and facade sealing for our products. With these the requirements for an energy-efficient facade are met even earlier. This also has a positive effect on the energy certificate of your property.

Building an efficient house the right way: windows, doors, heating and more

If you want to build a house in an energy-efficient manner or renovate an existing property in accordance with the latest rules and regulations, then facade insulation in accordance with EnEV 2014 is just one of the many points to consider.

Elements such as windows, doors, the heating system and the insulation of the cellar, attic, outbuildings, etc. also have a major impact on energy efficiency and thus on the energy certificate of the house. If you do not want to make a mistake and comply with the regulations/regulations correctly, a certified energy consultant will help you.

The good thing about it: With the subsidy programme for construction supervision by an energy efficiency expert (Programme 431 of the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) you receive 50% of the costs or a maximum of €4,000 for the employment of an energy consultant as a construction supervisor.

Information for suppliers of thermal insulation

Do you offer a service for thermal insulation, facade renovation or roof insulation and renewal? Then we offer you information and products for insulation with sealants and paints. In addition to insulating a façade with panels, plate-like components or cladding, you can also treat masonry, plaster and roof tiles with our paints and solutions to make them water-repellent and insulating.

In this way, you create an even better living experience for your customers, a more energy-efficient property and a faster fall below the maximum U-value of the EnEV.

So if you want to carry out a renovation of the facade, roof or a complete house renovation, please contact us and find out about the requirements for our partner program. Ask your questions and we will send you our answers as soon as possible!

Renovation according to EnEV 2014 to be carried out now

Are you the owner of a residential property or do you run a property management company? Then you should not hesitate to carry out an energy-related renovation of your property in accordance with EnEV 2014.

If you can modernise your building according to the relevant values and perhaps even meet the KfW efficiency standards, then you can be sure of subsidies, grants and subsequently low costs for heat supply or climate regulation.

Insulating walls and roofs is just as important with the appropriate insulation material as it is with the treatment with our articles of the brands proPERLA®, RENOTEC®, COROSAN®. Ask your insulation and renovation service provider about these products. They are water-repellent, breathable and self-cleaning. And always remember: well insulated is half heated!

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proPERLA® offers a range of exterior super hydrophobic waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Through our official network of applicators, we provide services to end customers, ensuring the correct application of our products for your benefit.

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