Hydrophobic silicone façade coatings from proPERLA® protect the facade of your property in various ways

proPERLA® creates a super hydrophobic surface. The facade remains dry and moisture cannot penetrate through the wall into the insulation of your home. It is a very important aspect especially if the house has cavity wall insulation installed.

Due to its water repellent property, facades treated with proPERLA® are self-cleaning as a lotus leaf. The beading effect – also known as the lotus effect – is appreciated immediately during rainy weather. Dirt, moss, algae and lichens are not able to gain a hold on the surface and are easily washed off when it rains. The façade remains in perfect condition for many years.

proPERLA® systems have excellent breathability

The proPERLA® formula guarantees natural breathing facades, masonries and roofs. Moisture is easily allowed to flow outside. proPERLA® Facade Coatings are micro-porous and have been developed with a unique silicone resin formula that restructures the pores to block moisture. Moisture is prevented but the wall remains breathable at all times.

proPERLA® facade coatings are available in a wide range of colours

Our super hydrophobic coatings have especially been designed for the insulation of facades, brickworks and mineral roof tiles. The excellent properties of proPERLA® are appreciated by many specialists, recommending our surface treatments all over Europe. It will give the exterior walls a life span of 10 years.

Are you an applicator specializing in cleaning and renovation of facades, masonry or roofs? We would be pleased to provide you with our versatile marketing tools for impressive client demonstrations. This consists of brochures, door hangers, movies, demo bags and much more. Become an official proPERLA®-Partner and enjoy many advantages that are waiting for you. Contact our team either through our contact form or by phone. We are at your entire disposal and would like to bring you closer to our marketing concept to achieve a successful relationship.

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