Facade protection – Protection against water, dirt, algae and mould for facades

Facade protection is important to ensure that the house wall does not get wet, is permanently damp and thus provides a habitat for algae, lichen or mould. In addition, protection is very important for facades to remain energy efficient.

This is because wet walls or damp masonry uses heat from the house to evaporate the water and thus dry it.

If you keep the facade dry and clean from the outset, the house will remain energy-efficient, damage-free and comfortable for a long time. In addition, the value of the property will be preserved longer with an intact building fabric.

Facade protection with facade paint from proPERLA®

The facade protection with facade paint offers several advantages. Not only does the facade get a new coat of paint and then shine in new splendour. It also creates a water-repellent, self-cleaning surface that remains breathable.

As before, water can evaporate and water vapour can escape from the wall. However, water can no longer penetrate – and if it rains against the house wall, dust and dirt are washed off.

This is what we promise you when using proPERLA® facade paint for your facade protection! With this link you will find all details and application examples.

Here are all the features of our facade paint for facade protection at a glance:

  • Reduces the penetration of rainwater and splashing water
  • Is extremely water repellent, keeps the wall dry
  • Improves the thermal efficiency of the facade
  • Facade, plaster and masonry remain breathable
  • The surface is self-cleaning like a lotus leaf
  • Low maintenance thanks to 15 to 20 year service life
  • Can be applied to almost all house facades

Facade protection with facade cream from proPERLA®

Our facade cream is specially designed for use on masonry. The cream is applied to the visible bricks and the mortar in between.

Here, too, a breathable and yet highly water-repellent surface is created, which is self-cleaning and offers many advantages due to its properties.

Not only will the energy efficiency of the wall be maintained, but moss, algae, lichens or mould will not settle so easily on the brickwork.

So prevent unsightly walls that become thermal bridges and incubators for microorganisms when wet. You can find all details about the product with this link.

Here is an overview of all the important facts about proPERLA® Facade Cream:

  • Best protection against mosses and algae – less sensitive to microorganisms
  • Improves the thermal efficiency of masonry; it remains permanently dry
  • Maintenance of thermal properties of the core insulation of the wall
  • Provides a self-cleaning surface that gets dirtier less quickly
  • Preserves the original condition of the masonry for an authentic look
  • slows down the aging of the surface and maintains the value of the wall facade
  • Breathability is maintained; evaporation continues
  • Low maintenance thanks to a service life of over 25 years

Horizontal barrier – dry facades thanks to protection from the inside

The horizontal barrier is our recommendation for wall drying. A horizontal barrier is a facade protection from the inside. It offers optimum protection against moisture rising from the cellar or the floor under the house, for example.

If you use the proPERLA® DPC technology for this type of facade protection, it only takes 7 days for the full effect to be felt.

Once the solution for blocking rising water has been injected into the wall, there are numerous advantages and positive properties – not only on the outer facade but also inside the house. Details of the horizontal barrier and our implementation of the measure can be found with this link.

These are all advantages at a glance:

  • Protection against rising damp in the wall
  • Minimizes the growth of microorganisms
  • Improving the thermal efficiency of your property
  • Ensures thermal performance of the core insulation
  • Preserves the original condition of the masonry
  • Unobtrusive application with easily repaired holes
  • Slows down the aging of the surface and the masonry
  • Simple procedure for quickly visible, positive results
  • No impairment of the breathability – ideal drying of the wall
  • No further measures necessary for a long time thanks to a service life of over 10 years

Metal coating for garages, halls, workshops and more

With our COROSAN® brand we offer protection against rain, sun, frost and other harmful influences for industrial plants, halls, garages and their special metal facades.

The facade paint for metal surfaces not only ensures that the exterior of the property looks good again, but also maintains this appearance for a long time. At the same time, the protection of the metal facade preserves its value.

In addition, a number of quality standards are met to ensure that the paint with high-quality pigments is tear-resistant in accordance with DIN EN ISO 53504, permeable to water vapour in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7783-2 and impermeable to water in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1062/3. All information and advantages of COROSAN® paint can be found with this link.

Here are all the positive properties of this facade protection at a glance:

  • The colour for metallic surfaces minimises surface erosion
  • Restores the original protection of metal facades
  • Gives industrial real estate a convincing aesthetic
  • The fast application ensures little adjustment of the running operation
  • The application is cheaper than the replacement of facade panels

Renewing the facade: Tips and advice for facade renovation

Here in the blog you will not only find helpful information and further links to our products, but also tips and advice on the subject of facades.

Facade renovation as well as the renewal of the outer wall of a house, commercial property or other building are often seen topics.

In the following we have compiled an overview of the corresponding blog entries so that you can quickly and easily access further information:

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