Facade and plaster: Protection against graffiti

For home owners and property managers, graffiti on the facade of a property is not only annoying, but in the case of graffiti removal it is also complex and expensive.

Even if the spray paint does not cause any direct damage to the facade / plaster, it usually does not look nice – and it at least reduces the subjectively perceived value of the house and its surroundings. How to protect your property and its facade from graffiti, you can find out here. We have put together various anti-graffiti methods, tips and tricks for you.

What exactly is graffiti?

Graffiti is usually called pictures or lettering that were made with aerosol spray cans or wide-edged felt-tip pens. For professional wall paintings, paint spray systems are also used – but then there is less talk of a graffito.

The spray cans used in the production of graffiti do not, of course, produce easily washable paint, but acrylates or alkyl dispersions. Acrylic paint that does not only adhere on the surface but is absorbed deeper and therefore cannot be painted over.

After overpainting – even with opaque facade paints with a high solid content – graffiti usually shows through again.

Facade protection against graffiti

Graffiti protection or anti-graffiti protection for the facade can be realized in different ways. Not only different solutions and colours play a role.

Because even if deep-sealing agents prevent graffiti from penetrating so deeply into masonry, plaster or facade – it is still necessary to remove it in case of doubt. Therefore, there are other measures that prevent graffiti in advance.

You will also find these anti-graffiti measures in the following list of tips, tricks and solutions against graffiti

Graffiti removal

Let’s start with the emergency, i.e. with the removal of unwanted paint on the facades and their cleaning. A graffito is not so easy to paint over because it can show through again even after several layers of new paint.

This is where the service of specialists for graffiti removal is needed. This includes the use of certain solvents, if necessary high-pressure cleaners and other measures. Cheap is depending on the size of the picture / the writing of course less.

According to the police, the correct procedure for dealing with illegal graffiti is the following:

  1. Documentation of the damage (photos in the full view as well as detailed views)
  2. Filing of a criminal complaint (claims for damages if the investigation is successful)
  3. Removal as quickly as possible (complete curing and preventing imitators from working)

Facade paint against graffiti

Paints for coating facades, masonry, concrete and the like are often available as an anti-graffiti system. Good antigraffiti systems not only seal the surface, but also create a deep-acting bond.

This prevents paint from penetrating even after a long period of time – from spray cans or wide felt pens with opaque paint.

Although acrylates and co. can still adhere to the surface, they can then be removed much more quickly, with less effort and therefore more cheaply. The cleaning process can be carried out directly by the owner, for example in the case of a private property.

Facade paint with sealing against external influences, water, dirt, moss, mould and lichen can be found on our homepage proPERLA®.

Differences in the coating

For special protection against graffiti there are different systems for facades, which are usually classified according to type and durability. If you are looking for graffiti protection for exterior walls, you can find this selection in specialist shops:

  • Permanent polyurethane system (single application, resistant to cleaning)
  • Temporary silicone system (new after every facade cleaning, diffusion-open)
  • Semi-permanent, hydro- and oleophobic system (usually renewal after removal of contamination)

Protection of the facade by lighting

If a facade is well illuminated by spotlights, lanterns or similar lamps, illegal graffiti will be less common. Those who secretly want to place their picture or lettering will prefer darker areas.

If you want to save electricity, use motion detectors that spontaneously deter sprayers in search of an object.

Greening with ivy, wine and more

Facade greening is another method of protecting the exterior wall from unwanted painting. A greening of walls, partitions and exterior facades also has other positive functions.

For example, the appearance of the house and its surroundings becomes more positive or inviting.

Mural painting / commissioned graffiti

Do you generally have nothing against graffito on the facade, but still want protection against sudden and ugly pictures of this kind? Then order one or more graffiti from a sprayer with a good portfolio or painting companies with a corresponding offer. These can also be pictures in the colour shades of the facade or an artificial greening.

Commissioned graffiti is beautiful and inviting – in return for an illegal graffito that has been smeared and has to be removed at great expense.

Fence or hedge for protection

A fence or hedge prevents sprayers from entering the property. If space is limited, fences and hedges close to the house wall can also help prevent unwanted pictures and writing.

However, it should still be possible to make the facade accessible for necessary work, facade cleaning / facade renovation and the application of desired colours.

Video surveillance / Installing a camera

Even a dummy camera can keep illegal sprayers and other criminals away from your property. Therefore the camera should be placed as conspicuously as possible, but not directly accessible.

Because if you hide it too well, the sprayer may spray and you will only get pictures of masked persons who cannot be identified.

Our products for facade renovation

If you offer a service for facade cleaning and/or facade renovation, then you naturally need the right products, paints and systems. For the painting and protection of the facade, we offer you solutions from our proPERLA® brand, among others.

In addition to cleaning, a coating for optimal protection is added to the facade renovation. Not only against graffiti, but also as surface protection against moisture, dirt and micro-organisms such as mosses, fungi / mould and lichens.

As the substrate also becomes resistant to water in depth, our products are ideal for facade insulation – directly on masonry, plaster and co. Interested in comprehensive surface protection for outdoors? Then contact us today!

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