Damp walls are thermal bridges and are ineffective in terms of thermal conductivity

Old facades and masonry are not only unsightly, moisture and mould can penetrate into the interior and can cause property owners and pets considerable health damage.

A facade cleaning can be done in different ways. On the one hand, many different cleaning agents exist. On the other hand, a large variety of machines such as high-pressure cleaners or steam jets, etc. are available. A modern type of facade maintenance is using dry ice. It is proven that the most aggressive option is sandblasting and at the same time also the more expensive solution.

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The frequency of façade cleaning and coatings is determined by the selected system. Exactly at this point our applicators recommend self cleaning exterior coatings from proPERLA®. Customer satisfaction has top priority.

How does the proPERLA® system works?

After the facade cleaning loose plaster and masonry needs to be removed and repaired. If the surface is unpainted and porous, it is recommended to apply proPERLA® primer, a high quality colour primer. Finally, the facade is repainted and your home is fully protected again against the impact of sun, UV-rays, smog, etc.

For a brick wall the process is slightly different. It is cleaned mechanically in advance with high pressure. Lichens, moss and algae need to be completely removed. Once the wall is dry defective mortar joints and loose bricks need to be repaired accordingly. The masonry is ready to be treated with proPERLA® MASONRY CREME. The result will be impressive and the treatment will protect your masonry for more than 20 years.

Professional facade cleaning means that the need for the next treatment can be delayed as long as possible. With proPERLA® you enjoy this advantage. Ask our specialists. They will be pleased to support you with tailor-made solutions and a convincing marketing concept at a fair price. Transform costs for facade cleaning in an investment in your home. With proPERLA® – the ultimate weather protection!

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