Snow and frost can cause considerable damage in the winter on a house facade

If water has access to the house interior through small cracks in the wall, inside temperature falls and ideal conditions for long-term moisture problems and a deterioration in the quality of living in your property are given. At a temperature of about 4° Celsius, water begins to expand slightly, until it freezes. Frozen water expands its size by 9%. You may probably aware of what happens at that moment in untreated walls.

Once penetrating water reaches the core of a wall insulation, the thermal resistance is reduced by up to 50%. Your heating costs rise and humidity makes itself visible in form of mold growth. Both older and new facades, treated with proPERLA®, prevent properties of such problems. In other words – the less moisture building fabric, the more energy can be saved! It is much easier to prevent moisture than to cure it.

proPERLA® facade coating is a professional treatment system

It has been developed particularly for skilled users. Thanks to microFORMULA® technology, your facade will have water-repellent properties and will be fully protected for more than 10 years. Due to its unique properties it will be self-cleaning like a lotus leaf, allowing the treated surface to breath naturally.

A proPERLA® treatment ensures a healthy living environment, free from moisture and presence of mold. A treated facade is UV resistant and the color stability remains unchanged for many years. Due to the breathability of proPERLA® Facade Coating, water vapor produced in the interior of the property can easily flow outside through the wall. This process is known as water vapor permeability and is very important for a comfortable living environment.

Protect your home against weathering for more than 10 years. Our you team is at your disposal. proPERLA® – Combine elegant aesthetics with high performance!

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proPERLA® offers a range of exterior super hydrophobic waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Through our official network of applicators, we provide services to end customers, ensuring the correct application of our products for your benefit.

Whether you are a professional interested in working with our products, or a customer looking for solutions, contact us for more information.

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