The lotus leaf always looks clean and dry

This is due to its self cleaning properties. Rain droplets clean this plant due to its water repellent microstructure. We have combined all our knowledge with the latest technology to achieve the same effect with proPERLA® Facade Coating. Facades treated with proPERLA® are self-cleaning like a lotus leaf. Also in this case this is due to its water repellent properties.

microFORMULA® Technology achieves a similar microstructure on facades

In other terms, your facade treated with proPERLA® super hydrophobic exterior coatings will be free of maintenance for more than 10 years. proPERLA® Facade Coating has super hydrophobic capabilities. Mold, lichens and other microorganisms will not be able to gain a hold on the façade. Your facade will remain dry and moisture is not able to ingress. the cavity wall insulation will remain effective because it will stay dry. The masonry surface will not age as quickly as an untreated surface.

UV and colour stable

Facades of buildings treated with a proPERLA® will be in good conditions even after adverse weather conditions, all year round. Due to its UV-stability the destructive impact of the sun will not deteriorate your masonry and the colour will always be stable. North- facing, smog or acid rain have no negative effect on your building anymore. Invest in your property by coating your facade with proPERLA®. With self-cleaning façade coatings from proPERLA® your facade will have a brand new look and could even increase the value of your property. proPERLA® Facade Coating is available in a wide range of colours. It is applied by professionals with an airless sprayer or roller. Apply two coats are enough and convert your unattractive and dirty walls into super clean surfaces. Our specialists will give you all the information and support you need.

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proPERLA® offers a range of exterior super hydrophobic waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Through our official network of applicators, we provide services to end customers, ensuring the correct application of our products for your benefit.

Whether you are a professional interested in working with our products, or a customer looking for solutions, contact us for more information.

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