Rising damp treatment Nerja

Rising damp is a destructive phenomenon in any type of building, because it causes problems in exterior and interior walls.

The damp, coming from the ground, rises up the wall and penetrates the masonry, damaging the materials and the paint layer.

However, at proPERLA® we have a solution against rising damp in Nerja.

What is rising damp and how to treat it

Rising damp is a type of damp that affects many properties, and it comes from the ground.

If the building materials are porous (such as brick or mortar), it is easy for moisture to enter the wall. Soil moisture contains salts that accelerate the destructive effect.

Damage (deterioration of paint, plaster, wallpaper or building materials) can be very costly to repair.

properla dpc damp injection full

At proPERLA®, our applicators are always available to inspect your property and proffer the best solution to the issue.

What does the treatment consist of?

What is the best treatment for rising damp in Nerja?

The best solution is to inject the wall with a cream that creates a protective membrane against dampness.

This treatment serves to prevent the damp problem. However, if the façade has already been affected by damp, after the injections have been carried out, the affected façade must be rehabilitated.

The treatment consists of drilling several holes in the wall at ground level and injecting the cream. Once the product has been injected, the protective barrier will prevent water from coming up the wall.

This video explains how our treatment against rising damp works.

Play Video about En Properla® dpc Rising Damp Treatment

How do we fix rising damp?

Our applicators first inspect the wall to find out the extent of the damage and the best approach to the job.

Next, holes are drilled in the wall and the damp-proofing cream is injected into the wall through the holes. The holes are then plastered with a water-repellent mortar and the finishing touch is given by painting with our proPERLA® water-repellent paint, respecting the original colour of the façade.

At this point, your wall will have a barrier against rising damp and has no visible signs of damp.

DPC horizontal barrier by Injection

Injections are the most reliable solution to stop rising damp in interior and exterior walls.

How To Fix Rising Damp 1 Square

1. Drilling is carried out at ground level.

How To Fix Rising Damp Rising Damp 2 Square

2. Injections of proPERLA® DPC are carried out.

How To Fix Rising Damp Rising Damp 3 Square

3. Allow the new horizontal barrier to dry and fill the holes.

How To Fix Rising Damp Rising Damp 4 Square

4. The rising damp has been completely fixed.

What our clients say about us

These reviews are from end customers to whom our applicators have done work. They are a compilation of different customers in Spain and the UK.
Jean-Paul Beckers
Jean-Paul Beckers
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Hi, Steve and his team Michel, Kris and Denny have done an excellent job here. We are very happy with the result. Very good workmanship. Definitely recommended for solving moisture problems in the house.
Ruth Whittaker
Ruth Whittaker
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Steve and his team did a fantastic job sorting out the damp issues in the basement of our rental property. They always arrived promptly at the agreed time, worked hard and cleaned up after themselves. Lovely professional job
Gemma Bourke
Gemma Bourke
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Steve and his team have done an amazing job on our property, helping us decide on the scope of the project and managing all the work while we were in the UK. Working with Steve has been a pleasure and for every issue found he always had a solution and kept the project moving. Would recommend Steve if you are thinking of renovating your place in the sun. Special thanks to Phil and Mitch, great part of the team.

Areas we cover

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